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Add-ons Distinguish Peachtree Accounting From competitors

By Robert Bates, CPA

Sage Software has added features to its Peachtree 2006 Accounting package in order to compete with the market leader, QuickBooks, for small business customers, The software is available in four versions-from an entery lavel solution for…

Manage Financials Using Out-of-the-Box Software

By Robert Bates, CPA
Typically, small businesses use various stand-alone tools for their finances-from pen and paper to Microsoft (MS) excel to full-blown accounting software.Today’s accounting software however,intimidates many start-up and small business owners who have no financial background. Now,…

QuickBooks Previews Premier Accountant Edition 2006

By Robert Bates, CPA
Intuit’s QuickBooks is not only a houshold name, but also the subject of college cources. Users at every skill level can understand the many tools and features, good documentation and navigational aids.

The QuickBooks Premier Accounting Edition…

Small Business Owners Enjoy Software Even They Understand

New small bussiness software and upgrades arrive in the marketplace everyday. Historically, however, some businesses aviod buying new software or upgrades because they increase costs and open the door to potential data losses during the conversion process. Plus, going…

NetSuite Small Business 10.6 Introduces AJAX Dashboard

By Robert Bates, CPA
NetSuite Small Business, an Oracle spin-off, is designed for small-to-mid-sized business and claims to be the first and only company providing on-demand, Web-based business application. There are very few competitors in this space, so…