Why You Should Know the True Value of your Business & Calculation Methods

Before going into some detail about the various asset valuation methods, it will be relevant to know some of the usual reasons for carrying out this exercise. The most common one is when businesses are sold and ownership changes hands. … Continue reading

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Nigerian Fraud Loss-Fake Purchase Orders

I was the contract CFO for a government contractor/reseller who sold Apple and other products to the government and to other government contractors. It started that summer day with an email I received from ACL’s COO: ‘Call me on my … Continue reading

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Determine the True Value of Your Small Business with These Methods & Calculator

Knowing the true value of your business is of utmost importance when you are considering selling it, searching for a partnership of investors, deciding on expansion, allocation of purchase price, want your insurance options to be addressed and many more. … Continue reading

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409a Valuation – Things you need to Know About

As a business owner you must be having a good idea of the value of your company, however, that may not be the case. You as a business owner need to go beyond your own guess of the company’s value … Continue reading

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Forensic Accounting and Auditing – Everything You Need to Know

With all the publicity given to forensic accounting these days and thought of as a fairly recent aspect of the accounting profession. In fact, as a concept, it has been around for centuries which is often traced back as far … Continue reading

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