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Bob has been CFO and Director of several California-based companies. He was responsible for the direct public offerings they completed. He is also Director of a Canadian public tech company.

Asset tracking:

Bob has been CFO for a public company that completed several acquisitions and was responsible for SEC reporting, valuations and other complex accounting.

IT solutions provider:

Bob is CFO for a Canadian public company who trades on various stock exchanges in Germany. He has conducted road shows with various investment banks.

Fitness Dance company:

Bob has completed a 409a valuation of the company’s stock options and performed company valuations for a private company with multiple investors.

Media/Distribution Company:

Bob Bates worked with a Boston/NY/London $10 million company that had the hottest selling
entertainer in the world on its roster just prior to his stardom with Universal to obtain $3 million of financing in the US and Europe to extend its life several years and get the principal recognized in the industry as a pioneer. There was also a spinoff and a Navision software implementation conducted for the entity.

Life Sciences startup:

Mr. Bates worked with a New England based entity that is working on cancer issues and terrorism defense to get its books closed for a big-4 audit and provides regular Controller and budgeting
functions for its monthly closes and board meetings.

Tuxedo rental company:

We obtained debt and assisted in an equity financing for a retail chain. The $1.5 million was used for expansion/acquisitions.

Service company:

HP Accounting worked with a $10 million company with European & US offices. Due to cash flow problems, we developed a model that addressed the complexities of timing of revenue recognition to secure $1 million in financing.

Technology company:

Bob worked with an affiliate consulting company, works on a monthly basis with a Massachusetts based startup that is working on technologies to better automate airports and stop terrorists.


We worked with a California company in efforts to obtain $100 million in financing for a racetrack/amusement park.


HP Accounting does regular tax and accounting work with several Washington,DC-based entities.


We work with a $100K computer consulting firm on quarterly tax filings, business planning and tax advice.

Great Plains / QuickBooks / Navision Consulting:

Mr. Bates has worked with companies in many different industries such as telecom, software, CRM, and technology to do implementations or system evaluations/restructures. Engagements are usually on-site and work with your management to write reports, analyze processes, improve efficiencies and conduct training.