NetSuite Small Business 10.6 Introduces AJAX Dashboard

By Robert Bates, CPA
NetSuite Small Business, an Oracle spin-off, is designed for small-to-mid-sized business and claims to be the first and only company providing on-demand, Web-based business application. There are very few competitors in this space, so NetSuite is well-poised. It boasts of 24/7, 99.5% availability, so logging in almost never takes more than one attempt. Net-Suite’s 10.6 release expands on its online capabilities and intergates more fully with other application like Microsoft Office and Google Maps.


A valuable feature of NetSuite Small Business is its ease of use:
open the browser, log on and put the application to use. The online package includes GL, AR, AP, PR, inventory, time and billing, job costing, an intergrated Web store module and a CRM function.

N e t S u i t e Small Business is known for its Execuitive Dash-board feature–a customizable display with reminders, to-do lists a calendar.
The feature also provides for setting up a diffrent set of menu tabs for each job. The highlight of the 10.6 release is a new Dashboard named Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). AJAX provides a number of ways to manipulate and present data in a Web page. The basic function of AJAX is provising a way for end users to change data dynamically, without regeneratoring an entire HTML page.

The case notification messages feature customizes customer support e-mail. Standard templates reflect branding or create custom notification messages and insert tags for case information. Messages are completely customizable, both in the subject and in the body of the message.

Custom, scriptable buttonts offer flexability in workflow and are another way external applications integrate with NetSuite. Customize the buttons for any form in order to call for customized code scripts written in JavaScript. These scripts query information in other systems, provide validation or even access external
Web services.

NetSuite 10.6 is head and shoulders above the former Net-Ledger in terms of the accounting application. Now that accuracy and ease of usabilty are addressed, this product is quite viable.

The saved search e-mail alerts function initiates messages for records matching any user-defined criteria. Data tracked in NetSuite can now be the source of an alert. For example, set up the application to e-mail an alert whenever a new opportunity over $100,000 is created or when an outstanding balance is more than 90 days past due. An alert includes data residing in corresponding records.

The sales/pipeline and other reports are quite robust, but from an accounting standpoint, may not be as strong and user friendly as competing products.

NetSuite Small Business 10.6, along with all NetSuite products, includes a 60-day free support package. Because the company hosts all applications, ongoing maintenance, version upgrades and data back-ups are included. NetSuite also offers two additional customer support options.


With the new features of its 10.6 release, NetSuite Small Business expands its ability to meet the needs of businesses who can add functions as they are needed. However, the application is designed for growing businesses and may be more than a new business needs.

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