Expert Witness

Expert Witness :

It is a difficult process to select expert witnesses when preparing for a trial, but having expert witness testimony is an important step to win the case. Not any witness will do. You will need someone who is competent, qualified and knowledgeable in the field and is able to communicate effectively. HP Accounting can help you. We bring expert witness services and forensic accounting under one roof. We bring a comprehensive approach to our work, combining CPA and valuation and forensic backgrounds to provide a unique perspective.

Our key services include:

Our esteemed CPA expert witness, Bob Bates is a CFE, CVA and CFO who has worked with various lawyers on over 50 cases in many states. He provides financial support for a client in litigation, or pre-litigation, as well as provides a report, such as damages calculation, which can be used in litigation. He also has experience providing testimony in depositions and trials such as:

He has been involved in depositions/interrogatories and testifying with multiple court cases: