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Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Expert witness :

Bob Bates is a CPA, CFE, CVA and CFO and has worked with dozens of lawyers on over 50 cases in various states. Sometimes he provides financial support for a client in litigation, or pre-litigation, and other times he provides a report, such as a damages calculation, which can be used in litigation. He also has experience providing testimony in depositions and trials.

  • Unbiased Case Analysis
  • Discovery Review & Recommendations
  • High-Impact Demonstrative Exhibits
  • Strategy and Tactics Conferences
  • Damage Calculations
  • Cash Flow Analysis Reports 
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Commercial damages, business interruption and lost profits

He has been involved in depositions/interrogatories and testifying with multiple court cases:

  • Embezzlement-2009 Discovered $300k fraud/consultant for counsel Massachusetts
  • Creditor-2013 NY. $1.6m debentures, usury/breach
  • Creditor-2013 NY. $1.7m debentures, usury/breach
  • Creditor-2013 LA, CA $1.7m debentures
  • Creditor-2012 Orange County, CA. $400k debentures
  • Creditor-2013 Orange County, CA. $1.3m debentures
  • Alter ego-California $1m
  • Alter ego- Nevada $1m
  • Alter ego-Ongoing California (interrogatories). $1m
  • Adversarial bankruptcy-2008-2011 Massachusetts/consulted. $300k
  • Employment-2009 Related to Massachusetts $300k embezzlement
  • Employment-1993 Washington, DC case
  • Personal injury-2006 testified in Massachusetts Superior Court. $100k
  • Breach/Misrepresentation/Fraud/Negligence California $200k
  • Collections: Nevada
  • Rackateering/Fraud/False personation/unfair competition/breach/negligence California $1m 2015
  • Usury 2015 NY