Interim CFO Services/ Expert Witness

HP Accounting provides Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services that have the necessary insights and tools to see the strategic picture. Contributing sound strategic financial leadership through the interim CFO services as well as helping to lead the daily business operations are important things HP Accounting does.

Bob has performed damage calculations and done forensic exams in a number of cases. He has valued employment streams, worked on insurance and fraud cases, and tort and contract disputes on a number of other diverse topics. He has testified many times and has been in multiple trials.


He has performed SOX work, has done over 100 valuations, over a hundred audits/reviews and stock options accounting and forensic work (discovered a $300,000 embezzlement). He has done turnaround work and brokered various legal settlements.

These services along with the interim CFO services are available on a part-time or long-term basis as needed.

Ensuring that key business decisions are made carefully is crucial for success in any small business or startup.